First Lady Michelle Obama Shakes Up The White House Announcing She Maybe Running For Senate

First Lady Michelle Obama Shakes Up The White House Announcing She Maybe Running For Senate
First Lady Michelle Obama Shakes Up The White
House Announcing She Maybe Running For Senate 
BHR Hollywood Reports......Critical analysts are starting to believe the First Lady would consider running for the Senate, at a minimum. President Michelle Obama would be Liberal heaven. That is not too far of a reach. After all, she has a career history of powerful jobs.

After her critically acclaimed speech at the Democratic National Convention, there is now speculation, fueled by a fundraising enticement, that she might be running for Senate in Illinois.

First Lady Michelle Obama 
The Democratic National Committee is offering Michelle Obama bumper stickers to anyone who donates just $10 to Hillary Clinton. The sticker took a soundbite from Obama’s speech, when she said, “When they go low we go high.”

 After all, Obama has long said that she will never run for office, but the First Lady has been dropping some hints along the way. Her past speeches have been relatively non-political, but as of late, she’s become far more political, even more so then when her husband was running for office.

 A commencement speech in June at New York’s City College was short on typical graduation platitudes and long on politics and on what seems like a Democratic stump speech.

Hillary Clinton At The DNC 
Funny, but there seems to an awful lot of “America this” and “America that” for a commencement speech. Most graduation speeches are about the students’ accomplishments, not the country’s.

Or, as in Michelle’s own past speeches, they’re about the struggle toward success or building yourself up, or about the special merits of the school that educated them.

Yet Michelle’s last three graduation speeches have been different from her previous 20, and not just because they’re anti-Donald.

Still, this is all very speculative, but her speech at the convention did seem to open the same door that her husband opened with his 2004 keynote Democratic Convention speech. It was widely lauded and it’s often cited as the speech that put Barack Obama on the political map.
Michelle Obama 2016 Graduation Speech 

If anything, this could be wishful thinking on the part of the Democratic National Committee. Even during the most turbulent times, Michelle Obama has maintained her popularity. Topping out at nearly 80 percent approval (currently at 56 percent), Obama widely eclipsed the popularity of even Nancy Reagan, who never reached 60 percent approval.

It’s every Democratic consultant’s dream. She’d clear every field for any office she’d run for. She’s shown zero signs of interest in it. As far as a “thing,” I think people here assume she’s sort of beyond Chicago and Illinois politics. The Obamas have already said that while their library will be in Chicago, the couple doesn’t plan to return here to live.
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