There Is Just No Justice In America !! Baltimore Prosecutor drops All Charges Against Officers In The Freddie Gray Case

Baltimore Prosecutor drops All Charges Against Officers In The Freddie Gray Case
Baltimore Prosecutor drops All Charges Against Officers In The Freddie Gray Case 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........After a motion hearing for Baltimore City police officer Garrett Miller, the State's Attorney's office announced that all future cases against the officers implicated in the death of Freddie Gray will be dropped.

"All of our clients are thrilled with what happened today and we'll be making a comment later to address the details of what happened," said Catherine Flynn, Miller's attorney, outside the courthouse.

Freddie Gray Getting Arrested 
Last year, Freddie Gray died as a result of severe injuries from an arrest. Gray was handcuffed and put inside a police van, where officers neglected to follow protocol and check on him. The van made several stops while Gray was in the back and unresponsive.

Freddie Gray's Mother And Father
A visibly upset Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby gave a passionate statement in the Sandtown-Winchester community where Gray lived. She said she agonized over the decision but believed the trials could be tried 100 times and would likely get the same result.

Mosby said her decision to prosecute six officers was not an indictment against the entire police department. However, she added that police investigating police were "problematic."

All Officers Are Cleared Of Charges 
The decision to prosecute six police officers was not and has never been and indictment on the entire Baltimore Police Department," Mosby said. "For those who believe I’m anti-police that is simply not the case. I’m anti-police brutality. I need not remind you that the only loss and the greatest loss in all of this was Freddie Gray’s life."

Mosby said she and her office remained silent under orders of a gag order despite being physically and professionally threatened, mocked, ridiculed, harassed and even sued" over the decision to move forward with these cases.

"The prosecution of on-duty police officers is unsurprisingly rare and blatantly fraught with inherent complications," Mosby said.

Baltimore State's Attorney marilyn Mosby 
 "Unlike with other cases where prosecutors work closely with police to investigate what actually occurred, what we realized early on in this case that police investigating police whether they are friend or merely their colleagues was problematic."

Freddie Gray 
Mosby did not hold back on her frustration over how she believes her cases were under-minded by
members of the police department.

State Sen. Catherine E. Pugh, the Democratic nominee for Baltimore mayor said, "I trust the state's attorney to make the right decisions and I support the decision. I believe in the work of the state's attorney."

Pugh continued to explain that this situation is not a win for anyone, and it's imperative that it not happen again.

"There are still a lot of discussions that need to be had," Pugh said.

"Baltimore does not want to experience a situation like this again with Freddie Gray. No family should have to go through this again."
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