Stacey Dash Bankruptcy Docs Has Been Revealed !! After 11 Years

Stacey Dash Bankruptcy Docs Has Been Revealed !! After 11 Years
Stacey Dash Bankruptcy Docs Has Been Revealed !! After 11 Years 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Stacey Dash has long been working toward being the most in-your-face conservative talking head on Fox News, but it was until last year’s comments regarding the gender wage gap that people really took notice of her ambition.

She told Meredith Vieira that women wouldn’t earn less than men if they would just work harder. It caused a big stir that you probably remember.
Stacey Dash 

According to the bankruptcy docs, the Clueless actress was once drowning in debt and stayed afloat only because of the help from $6,000 monthly support payments from her ex-fiancée, James Maby. She used the money to pay her bills.

The Fox News contributor filed for Chapter seven bankruptcy back in May 2004.

The documents show the actress said she only had $28,582 in assets, but $157,703.53 in liabilities owed to creditors.

Stacey Dash 
She, at the time, had $7 in her checking account and $4,000 in household goods, furniture and electronics. Among the other possessions she owned were photographs and costume jewelry.

 She had a 2001 Mercedes Benz ML320, which she was leasing and owed more than $70,000 in debts to the IRS in unpaid taxes.

Some 11 years after her filing, she appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show, where she made the scathing comments about the wage gap and equal pay for women, saying they need to stop making excuses.

Reports waited until today to strike back. They now claim that they found Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings that the Clueless actress filed back in 2004. They say she was in debt, had no income, and was subsisting on financial help from her fiancé with $7 in her checking account.

11 years later, she told Vieira, “I guess I won’t put my fate into anything other than my own action and taking my destiny in my hands.”
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