Rapper Lil Boosie Speaks On The LGBT Community And Television

 Rapper Lil Boosie Speaks On The LGBT Community And Television 
BHR hollywood Reports..............The Louisiana-born musician fumed in a recent interview that gay characters on television were “forcing” kids to be homosexual — boldly estimating that nearly half the population would be gay in just 10 years time.

“They’re trying to make everybody f**kin’ gay,” he told VladTV. “That’s what I think. They’re putting it on our culture. 

Lil Boosie
They’re putting it everywhere. Gay stuff is everywhere. I think they’re just doing it to make a monetary gain. They’re not doing it for the gays. They’re not really fans of the gays. They’re doing it for monetary gain. They try to make money off these people, man.

“You got cartoons that have gays,” he adds. “These are kids. 

Lil Boosie 
Let kids make their own decision if they wanna go that way. Six- and seven-year-olds, five-year-olds shouldn’t be turned onto gay cartoon when their mind not even developed yet. What if they like how that cartoon talk? Now, you’re forcing them to be gay. Every TV show is gays. They’re kissing each other. It’s out of hand.”

Despite all of this, Badazz claims he doesn’t have animosity towards the LGBT community. “I don’t hate gay people at all,” he says. “I know plenty gay people, but don’t force it on ’em to be gay. Don’t do that. I just feel like that’s wrong.”

Later in the interview, however, Boosie claims he would use violence on his children if they opened up about being gay.

 “First, I’ma try to slap his ass back straight,” he says. “I’ma kick his ass. Maybe he’ll realize that he’s not gay. But if I can’t stop him from being gay, I’m not gonna ban my son from my life. I’ll just have to find some crazy ass way to deal with it. But my sons love women.”

Video Credits : VLAD TV
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