Darius Robinson Arrested For Non Payment Of Child Support Dies In Prison After Being Restrained By Police

Darius Robinson Arrested For Non Payment Of Child Support Dies In Prison After Being Restrained By Police
Darius Robinson Arrested For Non Payment Of Child Support
 Dies In Prison After Being Restrained By Police 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Darius Robinson, a father of seven, was in jail in Oklahoma for the relatively minor offence of failing to pay child support.

His family told local media that when he was arrested on April 1, they never expected him not to make it out of jail alive.

But just three days after his arrest, on April 4, Robinson was killed in his cell after suffering from what his family’s lawyer describes as a ‘manic episode’.
Darius Robinson  

Two corrections officers, Michael Allen Smith and Vicki Lyn Richardson, were seen going into the cell as Robinson was tearing up pieces of paper and writhing around on the floor.

Eventually he calmed down and settled on a bench, ending up with Smith standing in front of him.

While seated, Robinson leans toward Smith.

 Smith responds by wrapping his forearm under Robinson’s neck while Richardson pepper sprays the inmate and the two men fall to the floor.

Smith then gets on his knees and grips Robinson’s neck with both hands in what is known as a guillotine chokehold. Robinson bucks to break free of the chokehold before he collapses.

Darius Robinson  
Richardson pulls Robinson’s hands behind his back and handcuffs him. A third jailer then enters and puts his foot on Robinson’s back.

All this time, Smith has been choking Robinson for more than a minute. Just before 9:46 p.m., he lets go but it was too late for Robinson.

An autopsy found his windpipe had been crushed, the hyoid bone supporting his tongue had been fractured, and the surrounding muscles had been hemorrhaging blood.

Richardson then puts Robinson on his back and rubs his sternum to check if he was conscious. He doesn’t move. Meanwhile, Smith retrieves his hat from the floor and puts it back on.

Richardson performs two chest compressions, checks Robinson’s pulse again, and sends Smith out of the cell. (He returns a moment later with what appears to be a first aid kit.) Smith turns Robinson onto his side and pats his back as he convulses. Richardson puts a towel under Robinson’s head to soak up the foam pouring out of mouth as he suffocates.

Officers Noticing Darius Is Unconscious 
By the time paramedics LaRoyce Fanning and Ryan Warren arrive, Robinson has no pulse. Fanning and Warren make five attempts to insert a breathing tube into Robinson’s crushed trachea but do not succeed.

Smith did not tell them he used a chokehold, according to Department of Health documents released earlier this month.
Family Attorney And Family Members 

Attorneys say Robinson had told jail staff that he might suffer withdrawal symptoms from prescription Xanax while in jail – a warning his family say was ignored.

Finally, the paramedics inserted a tube to expand Robinson’s airway but all the life had already been choked out of him.

Undersheriff Spencer Davis allegedly told Ancio Robinson that his brother had “charged” the jailers.

 Davis told reports on Monday that Robinson’s death was “not what anyone wanted” and that Smith and Richardson are on paid administrative leave pending a grand jury’s decision on the matter and a separate state probe.

The Robinson family’s attorneys Bryan and Steven Terrell said they won’t wait for the results of that investigation before suing.
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