BHR Shines The Spotlight And Congratulates The Steve And Marjorie Harvey Foundation For Giving Back To The Community

BHR Shines The Spotlight And Congratulates The Steve And Marjorie Harvey Foundation For Giving Back To The Community
BHR Shines The Spotlight And Congratulates The Steve And
 Marjorie Harvey Foundation For Giving Back To The Community 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........The Steve and Marjorie Harvey foundation, an organization that strives to provide share, empower, and to provide young men and women with tools to achieve their dreams and become productive and responsible citizens for themselves and their communities.

 Steve and Marjorie Harvey
The mission of The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) is to provide outreach to fatherless youth, by promoting educational enrichment, leadership skills, one-on-one mentoring and global service initiatives that will cultivate the next generation of responsible leaders.

The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) will implement programs to ensure children’s overall well-being by working with community-based organizations that foster excellence; provide educational scholarships for children; match youth with community leaders as mentors; and partner with private and public organizations to provide resources.

The decision to create the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation was an easy one for us. We wanted to do something that allowed us to take necessary action to cultivate our youth in healthy, supportive,
and inspiring ways.

In our eyes, it's unacceptable to see a need, have the ability to fill it, and then turn a blind eye. Our children in our communities need us badly.

Youth attending SMHF
 They desire better education, eye-opening cultural experiences, and mentors, who can influence them and expose them to endless possibilities.

Our foundation is based upon the notion of 'reaching back to pull someone forward' and our motto is "fostering excellence in children."

Plain and simple, our goal is to provide initiatives that address our children's needs and that help them reach their goals.

Statistics show that:
-Of all the African American fourth graders, 58% are functionally illiterate
-85% of African American children are reading below grade point level
-In some states, 80% of our African American boys drop out of high school before graduating
-7% of all African American babies are born to a young girl under the age of 18
Every day, 1,000 African American children are arrested
 Steve And Marjorie Harvey Foundation 
Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation programs and services are designed to provide our children with opportunities and tools to pursue a better understanding of themselves and their communities through education, mentoring, self-awareness and positive role models.

The SMHF core goal is to pair  children with mentors who are committed to their success by giving them what they need most,

In addition, it was critical to develop scholarships that are targeted toward students who may not have the resources to go to college or to complete their degrees after they've begun.

We believe that if we provide programs to our youth that expose them to education, college preparation, higher education, entrepreneurship, and important life skills, we can help them more effectively meet the day to day challenges affecting their self esteem, development and their futures.

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