Singer Ne-Yo Is Back With New Single "Two"

Singer Ne-Yo Is Back With New Single "Two"
Singer Ne-Yo Is Back With New Single "Two"
Ne-yo And Wife Crystal Renay 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Ne-Yo surprises fans with the special release of the new song “Two” via his new Soundcloud account. 

The touching ballad is especially meaningful to the singer, as he shares a special message for his new wife. The r&b star shared the background on the song as well:

“Let’s set it off slow and heartfelt. This song is called ‘Two,'” said Ne-Yo. “It expresses a love that makes you feel like the only two people on the planet, the only two opinions, the only two ideas, the only two hearts and minds. I pray you all find a love like this one day….in the meantime, enjoy.”

He attempted to sing the ballad to his wife at his wedding, but it didn’t go quite as planned. “If you saw the vid you know it didn’t go well,” he said.

 “LOL. Emotions n’ all that. This is a song that expresses a love that makes the opinion of others mean even LESS than they actually do. Fore in TRUE love the only opinions that matter….are ‘TWO.'”

Ne-Yo married Crystal Renay back in February. The couple also welcomed a baby boy named Prince in March.

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