Matt Jordan ... (Ex Of RHOA Star Kenya Moore) Claims He Was Wrong, And That He Wants Her Back

Matt Jordan ... (Ex Of RHOA Star Kenya Moore) Claims He Was Wrong,
 And That He Wants Her Back 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Kenya Moore's ex seems to have realized what he's lost.

The young fitness trainer, who dated Kenya Moore for several months before it came to a dramatic end, took to Instagram to apologize to the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, in hopes that she will take him back.

"Too often we don't know what we have until it's gone," Jordan wrote, "Too often we wait long to say I'm sorry. I WAS WRONG."

And just so we know it's real, Jordan sealed the deal with the hashtags, "#wifey #queen #MINE."
Matt Jordan Kenya Moore  

There were rumors that the two were moving in together and that Moore was hoping to start a family with her beau.

Jordan even shot down a rumor that the two had split back in March, saying, "I am still with my queen and I have no intentions on ever breaking up with that woman. She has my heart and I have hers.”

Kenya Moore 
Moore and Jordan called it quits a couple of weeks ago after he reportedly lost it during a vacation trip in Mexico.

The former Miss USA allegedly worried about Jordan's psychological state after a number of outbursts.

The two became romantically involved during the taping of the show after Moore hired Jordan as her personal trainer.

Moore hasn't responded to the message and it doesn't seem like she will anytime soon. It might be best to just move on.

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