Kenya Moore Gets Booted Off Of A Reality Cooking Show And Throws A Big Fit !!

Kenya Moore Gets Booted Off Of A Reality Cooking Show And Throws A Big Fit !!
Kenya Moore Gets Booted Off Of A Reality
 Cooking Show And Throws A Big Fit !! 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Kenya Moore has been blacklisted from the Food Network after she blew up on producers and crew while filming a cooking reality show.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was filming on the set of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition, when she had a meltdown on the show. The reason: she was the first to be eliminated.

Kenya Moore 
Kenya reportedly was so upset that she held up production on the series for two hours, refusing to leave the set, saying, "I'm calling my agents and they better fix this s**t."

A sources close to the show's production said it was like watching a scene of RHOA: "You would have thought she was filming a scene for Real Housewives of Atlanta the way she carried on.

 She cursed at the producers, badmouter the judges and ranted: 'Without me, this damn show will fail.'"

The former Miss USA, however, refused to accept her fate and had an alleged meltdown. Moore went on to berate show producers and threatened to contact her agents to "fix this shit.
Kenya Moore 

It's reported that she was upset with the show's celebrity chefs Rachel Ray and Anne Burrell because they sent her home for preparing what they called "an overcooked piece of fish."

Kenya was also apparently particularly furious with Burrell because she criticized her for wearing an inappropriate outfit and six-inch stilettos to the kitchen.

The reality star reportedly said Burrell was "jealous of her beauty" and "had it out for me the entire time."

This isn't the first time Ms. Moore has caused an uproar on a television set. Aside from her usual antics on RHOA, the former pageant queen had an epic showdown with Vivica A. Fox on "Celebrity Apprentice," which ended with Donald Trump calling Moore "the most evil woman I've ever met in my life."
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