Hit Group Chasing Destiny Releases Their First Single "All Of Us"

Hit Group Chasing Destiny Releases Their First Single "All Of Us"
Hit Group Chasing Destiny Releases Their First Single "All Of Us" 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Wondering why Kelly Rowland hasn’t released her fifth studio album yet? Well the Houstonian has been working alongside creative director/choreographer Frank Gatson to create an African-American girl group, similar to Destiny’s Child and En Vogue.

The search for America's next big all-female act was televised in BET's Chasing Destiny, which has subsequently become the name of the new five-piece.
Kelly Rowland 

But not only has Kelly Rowland auditioned and put together the group, she's even co-produced their debut single 'All of Us'.

The deliciously urban jam was released following its official premiere on last night's season finale of
Chasing Destiny.

Chasing Destiny Auditions 
“I want to be a part of a change in that,” the singer said.

Fans were able to watch their process of choosing members for the group, from auditions down to deliberations, on BET’s show Chasing Destiny.

 LaLa Anthony
The first few episodes demonstrated survival of the fittest, and the last five standing were Brienna, Ashly, Shyann, Kristal, and Gabby.

The ladies got a chance to give an impromptu performance for En Vogue, legendary producer and songwriter Tricky Stewart, worked one-on-one with vocal coach for the stars Stevie Mackey, and received advice about the industry from LaLa Anthony.

They even met New Edition, who spoke with the girls about the importance of working as a unit. “Push each other. One thing about a group, you’re gonna go through some sh*t, but hold each other down.“

Kelly and Frank are currently working together to mold these ladies into the best they can be. “I don’t want to settle for mediocrity. Tough is coming from trying to make them be the best,” Gatson said.

Recently, Chasing Destiny covered Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Kelly Rowland’s “It’s Alright” and just released their new single, “All Of Us.”

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