Texas Girl Reportedly Came Back From A School Field Trip With Rope Burns Around Her Neck !! Mother is Suing !

Texas Girl Reportedly Came Back From A School Field Trip With Rope Burns Around Her Neck !! Mother is Suing !
Texas Girl Reportedly Came Back From A School Field Trip
 With Rope Burns Around Her Neck !! Mother is Suing !
BHR Hollywood Reports..........A Waco mother is demanding answers after her 12-year-old daughter came home from an overnight school trip with severe rope burns around her neck.

Sandy Rougely's daughter was on an overnight camp-out with her sixth-grade classmates last month when a rope swing got caught around her neck.

The student, from Live Oak Classical School, in Waco, Texas, thinks three white boys tied the rope around her neck on purpose.
The Girl's Rope Burns 
Ms Rougely told the Dallas Morning News that her daughter's severe bruising made it look like someone 'ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together'.

The girl - who is one of just four black children at the $7,000-a-year private school - said the boys had hold of the rope but it fell to the ground when they let go of it.

The mother said her daughter has been bullied by children at the school for months, with students pushing, kicking and making fun of her on a regular basis.

She said the first thing she knew about her daughter being hurt was when she returned from the camp-out with the ligature mark around her neck.

Ms Rougely added that none of the teachers or parents who were on the class trip saw the incident.

A doctor who was on the trip because she is one of the children's mothers gave the girl ibuprofen and rubbed Vaseline on her neck.

12 yr Who Came back Home With Rope Burns 
The school did not comment on why it did not call Ms Rougely.

The school's dean Allison Buras emailed Ms Rougely the day after the trip ended to check on how the girl was doing.

'Did you take her to the doctor? How is she? We were glad to have a doctor on our trip who could check her out or we also might have felt a need to take her in.

I remember getting rope burns as a child and they are not fun! I hope she is doing OK,' the email said.

Ms Rougely said her daughter's injuries did not come from a rope burn.

She took her to hospital the night she came home from the class trip, where doctors scanned the girl's spine because of pain she was experiencing in her neck and shoulders.

The girl was prescribed more ibuprofen, antibiotics and an inhaler.

Live Oak Classical School
Police officers took photos of the injuries but no one has been accused of breaking the law.

'I think there was prejudice at the root of all of this. I didn't want to say it at first. I didn't want to see it like this, in this way,' Ms Rougely said.

'But as I go back and think about the different things that were going on and occurring in the school year, that's all I can see. And nobody did anything about it.'

Rougley and her daughter are now being represented by lawyer Levi McCathern, who also works for the Dallas Cowboys. McCarthern stated, “For Live Oak to bury their head in the sand and chalk this incident up to ‘kids being kids’ is irresponsible but, unfortunately, all too common.”

The school denies the allegations of racism and claims that the lawyers are trying to take advantage of the situation.
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