New York Rapper Troy Ave Has Been Arrested And Charged With The Irving plaza shooting

New York Rapper Troy Ave Has Been Arrested And Charged With The Irving plaza shooting
New York Rapper Troy Ave Has Been Arrested
And Charged With The Irving plaza shooting 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Rapper Troy Ave has been arrested after four people -- including himself -- were shot in a third-floor green room at Irving Plaza Wednesday night, before a T.I. performance.

Roland Collins, who goes by the stage name Troy Ave, will face attempted murder and weapons charges, a police spokesman said.

Four people were shot, one fatally, when a fight started Wednesday night in a performers' lounge at a Manhattan concert hall where the star rapper T.I. was scheduled to perform.

Irving plaza 
The man who died, Ronald McPhatter, was a member of Collins' entourage and had been there to provide security, according to his family. Collins, 33, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, police said.

An 8-second video clip released by police shows the gunman bursting through the door of a VIP room in apparent pursuit of another man, who flees off-screen.

Police aren't sure if there was more than one shooter in the ordeal, but they suspect Troy Ave shot multiple people. The ballistics evidence will determine that, as well. The NYPD released the video because they are trying to identify the people in the video who were in the room when the shooting happened.

Ronald McPhatter
The NYPD said Troy Ave shot himself in the leg during a struggle at the club. After the shooting, they said he left and was driven to NYU Hospital. He was then transferred to Bellevue,
where he was arrested.

In the surveillance video above, detectives believe the rapper had already shot himself, as a leg wound is visible in the video and he may be slightly limping as he's walking.

One man died from his injuries in the shooting.

Police initially said Troy Ave was the first person shot.

Ronald McPhatter, 33, was shot in the stomach and pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital.
Ronald McPhatter, Mother 

His mother, Rose, told Eyewitness News that her son took a bullet to save a friend.

"Right now I probably am trying to figure out what happened and why. You know, I want answers," she said.

She said Edgar and Troy Ave were longtime friends.

"My son jumped in to assist Troy," she said. "He was very protective. He was very protective of his family."

One man, who was not involved in the fight, was shot downstairs by a bullet that went through the floor. He was hit in the abdomen, and is likely to recover, said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

A 26-year-old woman also was shot in the leg while in the green room and was taken to Bellevue in stable condition.

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