Joe jackson (Father Of Michael Jackson) Has Been Hospitalized

Joe jackson (Father Of Michael Jackson) Has Been Hospitalized 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Joe Jackson has been hospitalized in L.A., but son Jermaine Jackson says the famous family patriarch is on the mend.

Joe Jackson 
Jermaine Jackson 
"My father is doing much better," Jeremiah told a photographer over the weekend after Joe, 87, was admitted to the hospital after coming up for a just a checkup with his doctor.  Joe had been suffering from a high fever prior to his hospitalization.

Other than that, though, Jeremiah said Joe wasn't suffering from any particular illnesses but was instead "just tired."

Son Jermaine Jackson told reports, "Listen, my father's very strong. He's up there telling jokes, and he's very strong. He's doing fine ... We're just making sure to hold on to him as long as we can. That's what's most important."

In recent years, Jackson – who's set to be a grandfather again now that daughter Janet is expecting – has battled several health setbacks.

Last July, he was rushed to the hospital in Brazil after suffering a stroke and heart arrhythmia while celebrating his birthday and was further treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center when he returned to Los Angeles.
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