Glee Star Amber Riley Responds To "Body Haters" On Instagram

Glee Star Amber Riley Responds To "Body Haters" On Instagram
Glee Star Amber Riley Responds To "Body Haters" On Instagram 
BHR Hollywood Reports.............Fat shaming is not okay, no matter who you are — and that’s why Amber Riley is finally standing up for herself. The Glee star took to Instagram on Friday to shut down body shammers in a very emotional, intense and straight-forward video post.

Amber Riley 
After having surgery at the dentist’s office yesterday, the 30-year-old actress did what everyone who can’t feel her face does… post an epic video about body empowerment! Amber might not have been totally coherent when she created her positive body image vid, but she still kicked major butt with every word that she said.

Just hours after undergoing dental surgery, the “Glee” alum took to Instagram, where she shared a powerful message on body image.

 “You know, there are just some things that my sober mind keeps me from sharing. That ends tonight,” she explained. ” I’ve got some things I need to get off my

“Why does me being fat offend so many people? Is it because I’m confident and I’m fly and I’m
Glee Star Amber Riley 
sexy?” continued Riley. “Do my thighs offend? Does my stomach offend? Does my big juicy ass offend? Why?! Why?!” Of course, before followers could reply, the season 17 “Dancing With the Stars” champ revealed she’s confident with her figure — and no matter the sticks and stones you through at her, names will never hurt her.

After the video was posted, fans were really proud of Amber and so was one of her Glee co-stars. Naya Rivera reposted the video on her Twitter and wrote, “Get it giiiirrrrlll.” As for Amber herself, she doesn’t regret a thing she said in the video, but her mouth is sore today, so she’s keeping it more low key.

“I’m baaaaack lol afternoon everyone! What an adventure we went on last night. I’m silent Susie today. My mouth is so sore…soooo I’m gonna be quiet,” she tweeted Saturday afternoon. “But because I want to, not because I’m scared on anything. I’m gonna go enjoy this shake! I hope you guys have an awesome day.”

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