Comedian Bill Cosby Admits To Drugging Teens And Having Intercourse With Them While Paying Agents To Cover

Comedian Bill Cosby Admits To Drugging Teens And Having Intercourse With Them While Paying Agents To Cover
Comedian Bill Cosby Admits To Drugging Teens And Having
Intercourse With Them While Paying Agents To Cover 
BHR Hollywood Reports........Comedian Bill Cosby admitted to having sexual encounters with teens, a 2005 deposition revealed. The said admission was just recently revealed.

Bill Cosby Set For Trial 
A day before he appears for a scheduled preliminary hearing on the lone criminal case against him, the Associated Press released portions of the comedian’s deposition. The statement was part of a long-settled civil suit against him.

The deposition revealed that Bill Cosby claimed the talent agency representing him would send him at least five or six models weekly to conceal his extramarital affairs from his wife.

During that time, he was under William Morris Agency, which is now operating under the name WME. He said his agency would find him girls so that his wife would not suspect he was cheating. Bill Cosby also said he would treat the models with “a very very good meal.”

Jennifer Tompson
In the deposition he gave between 2005 and 2006, he admitted to giving sedatives called Quaalude to a then 19-year-old Therese Serignese. That happened in 1976. When asked about the effects of quaaludes on the girl, Bill Cosby said the young woman got “high.”

Jennifer K. "Kaya" Thompson, now 45, went public with her story as Jena T. in November 2014 – and then, to bolster her credibility, revealed her full identity  four months later.

"I decided to speak my truth," she said at the time. "I would rather go to bed at night knowing that I've been honest."

Thompson's detailed account described how, in 1988, she took a day trip to New York City on a whim from her home in Maryland, walked into a modeling agency, and that same day was sent to meet Cosby.

Cosby called her startled mother on the phone, encouraged Thompson's move to the city, and later had Thompson and her parents to dinner at his home.

Bill Cosby 
 Both Thompson and her mother Judith, who died this year, said he assured them he would help with her career and keep watch over her.

Within days of her subsequent move to New York, however, Jennifer Thompson says Cosby's attention became more than paternal. Much, much later, after her withdrawal from him and retreat back home, she returned to confront him a final time.

"He knew on some level that I was probably ready to give in," she toldreports in her original interview. "I'm allowing the rubbing. He put his leg between my two legs, but I wasn't excited. But I knew that that was the point – I had to get him excited."

She claims Cosby told her where to find lotion in the house. "I'm like a robot, and that is what I became, and that is what I did for him," she said. "I'm sure he fixed something to drink. He knew that I was ready to submit. The whole thing was like – I just knew that I gave him a hand job."

Comic Bill Cosby 
Before she left, Thompson says Cosby gave her $700. That experience and its long buildup left her with trust and self-esteem struggles that lasted for decades, she says.

At the time "Jena T." first went public, Cosby attorney Martin Singer dismissed her then-anonymous account as "unsubstantiated." Thompson, who lives in Florida, has never brought a civil or criminal complaint of her own against the entertainer, but she is now among more than 50 women who've since raised allegations against him.

With Cosby in court now in the Constand case, Thompson tells reports she's "pleased" the judicial system has taken up the matter. "There should be a jury of peers, a judge, and laws to apply surrounding actions of harm against another being," she says.

Cosby has denied Constand's allegations, saying the sexual contact between them was consensual. He has also denied similar allegations from more than 50 women.

Thompson adds: "I am determined to continue to be honest and forthright regarding my experiences at 17 years of age (and the following decades) surrounding this public figure. I now realize that the beings that I am helping the most are the ones who are still silently suffering (victims of another) and I will not get any applause from them readily, if ever. For them I will be grateful for this walk."

She adds: "In a humble manner, having just lost my very dear and supportive mother, I am moving forward with my eyes on the horizon."

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