Reality Show Personality Omarosa Speaks Out On Violence At The Trump Rallies

Reality Personality Omarosa Speaks Out On Violence At The Trump Rallies 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Donald Trump supporter Omarosa appeared on MSNBC tonight and engaged in a lot of excuse-making for the violence at Trump’s rallies, literally saying, “You get what’s coming to you.”

Omarosa Manigault, a contestant on the first season of Trump's reality show and a surrogate for his campaign, appeared on MSNBC Thursday night and was asked by host Chris Matthews about about outbreaks of violence at Trump's rallies.

Manigault took a similar attitude to Trump's when it came to protesters getting roughed up at the
candidate's events.

"Donald can't be responsible for every single person that comes to his rally," she said. "Listen,
Donald Trump 
you have a right to go into a closed, private event and you get what is coming to you. I do not condone violence. If you go into an environment where you're interrupting 13, 14 times, do you expect a hug or 'Kumbaya'?"

When asked if Trump provoked his crowds, Manigault blamed it on those so-called New York values.

“He’s a New Yorker, what do you want him to say?" Manigault asked. "He’s not gonna be pushed around, Chris.”

She complained that no one has covered protesters at Democrats’ rallies. Daily Mail reporter Francesca Chambers said there has been no violence at any Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rallies.

Omarosa condescendingly told her, “Okay, thank you, Francesca, for that insight.”

Matthews said, “No, I think it’s called reporting.”