Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Star Hazel E Breaks Up With Katt Williams After Being Held At Gunpoint

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Star Hazel E Breaks
 Up With Katt Williams After Being Held At Gunpoint 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Katt Williams takes another L this week as his girlfriend, Hazel-E, officially dumped him. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member reached her boiling point when she was raided by cops at gunpoint at his expense.

Hazel E 
He's still in a heap of trouble, however, according to reports he's been charged with two felony counts of firearm and marijuana possession, on top of the false imprisonment and terror threat charges he's been hit with already.

In addition, a judge said that Katt has to stay away from his bodyguard Corey Dixon, who accused the comedian of assaulting him with a group of other men. Dixon also said the crew held him down, shaved off his beard and wouldn't allow him to leave.

If that wasn't enough trouble for the 44-year-old
comic to be in, his home was just raided by police, according to his girlfriend Hazel-E and she claimed they pointed guns at her and then locked her up.

Katt Williams 
She also said the incident was so scary that she's now taking a break from her relationship with Williams.

Afterwards, the reality star and rapper said that she's worried about Katt and wants him to get some immediate help.

"He's really angry right now and whatever that aggression is coming from, I want him to really get it together, because I got so much love for him," she stated.

"Man, S.W.A.T. teams. Guns pointed at my chest," she said. "Happy to be free."

When explaining the current status of their relationship, this is what she had to say: "I just got information that he posted bond," she said. "$60,000... I don't know what Kat's gon' do. Katt's in a lot of trouble... We're officially on a break. Guns at your chest? I think that requires a break."

Video Credits : TMZ