Yasiin Bey "Mos Def" Is Now Creator Of South African Clothing Line "UnKnown Union"

Yasiin Bey "Mos Def" Is Now Creator Of South African
Clothing Line "UnKnown Union"
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Yasiin Bey is making the best of his situation.
Just weeks after it was reported that Bey, who has been living in South Africa since 2013, was barred from boarding a U.S.-bound flight, The Source reports that the rapper has been tapped to serve as creative director for South African-based clothing company Unknown Union.

Peace, This is Yasiin /No more parties in S.A., please tell ’em no more parties in S.A. Ain’t home arrest, I don’t need to stay /I’ll leave and I’ll stay away /I committed no crime any place Why these police up in my face? 

Yasiin Bey
/Why they raiding my place? Why I don’t feel safe? This is not an expression of fear This is just to make things clear My intentions are pure in coming here And that’s why everything I love I hold dear Umi’s in the buildin’ So is my wife and my children I committed no crime Why is the state wastin’ my time They must be out of their minds I forgive ’em that’s the spirit of divine. 

I just want to go where I’m wanted, where I’m loved /Stop frontin’ Where I live is my choice /You cannot mute my voice Thank you Kanye West for being a real friend.”

The rapper also announced after his next album release, “that’s that.” He also said, ”I’m retiring from the music recording industry as it is currently assembled today, and also from Hollywood, effective immediately.”
Yasiin Bey

No word has gotten out on whether Yasiin Bey’s travel situation has improved however he’s showing that making lemons out of lemonade will never go out of style. 

Unknown Union’s ‘The Original Royals Collection’ has already been released, with select items available for purchase via their website. 

For more information on Yasiin Bey and the Unknown Union’s official clothing, visit their site here.

I feel honored to work with individuals equally passionate about discovering and responding to the knowledge and wisdom conveyed through art, culture and the living traditions of generations past and present,” Unknown Union CEO and founder Jason Storey said in a statement on the website.

 “We’ve definitely embarked upon an inspiring venture, and we look forward to sharing what we learn along the way.”

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