Missy Elliott Is Back With New Single "Pep Rally"

Missy Elliott Is Back With New SIngle "Pep Rally"
Missy Elliott Is Back With New Single "Pep Rally"
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Missy Elliott is here to remind who stole last year’s halftime show. “#SuperBowl this my new Bounce ‘Pep Rally’ get u right 4the game where my Clappers,” Elliott tweeted earlier today.

“Pep Rally” undoubtedly has the energy of its title:“And yeah we get crackin’ like we up at the Super Bowl,” she raps.

Missy Elliot 
Elliott (and her new song)also appear at Alec Baldwin’s Super Bowl party as part of an ad for Amazon’s Echo, airing during the game. Jason Schwartzman and Dan Marino also make an appearance in the ad..

Their bickering came to a head at the big game, with Dan insulting Alec’s lack of Oscar wins and Alec mocking Dan’s lack of Super Bowl rings. Luckily, Missy and “Alexa” came to the rescue!

When Missy realized that 100 million people are watching, she told  Alexa to drop her new single “Pep Rally” and totally breaks it down in the middle of an amazing “snack stadium” built by Alec’s team of architects. It’s awesome, and so is Missy’s

“Pep Rally” is also available to stream on Spotify and purchase on iTunes.

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