Beyonce Shuts Down Super Bowl 50 With Special Guest Coldplay And Bruno Mars

Beyonce Shuts Down Super Bowl 50 With Special
 Guest Coldplay And Bruno Mars 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party.

Many praised Beyonce for her bold statements during the performance.

And if there was any doubt that Beyoncé’s performance was politically-charged, her dancers were also filmed in a video that was posted on the Black Lives Matter Twitter page shortly after the halftime show.
Beyonce And Bruno Mars 
In the clip, the dancers hold up a sign that reads “Justice 4 Mario Woods.”

Woods was shot and killed in San Francisco by police officers on the afternoon of Dec. 2 after he refused commands to drop an 8-inch knife he was carrying.

The performers eventually met on stage and finished “Uptown Funk,” while a montage of past Super Bowl performers started to play.

Coldplay brought the show home by riffing on Prince’s “Purple Rain,” U2’s “Beautiful Day,” and their own songs, “Fix You” and “Up&Up.”

As the show faded out, Beyonce’s face appeared on the screen – announcing a world “Formation” tour for 2016.

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