Rapper "Diddy" Kicks Girlfriend Cassie Out Of His House

Why Did Diddy Kick Her Out
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Diddy is fed up with his former girlfriend Cassie Ventura .

Diddy has kicked her out of his house, and now she is homeless.

He gave her a time frame to have all of her stuff out of the house,  and to give back the  jewelry he purchased for her.

It has been reported that she has been back in contact with Ryan Leslie but Diddy ignoring her and still hasn't forgiven her for betraying and cheating on him.

she's allegedly still in contact with her parents, Sharon and Rod and he's told them that she's only trying to use him to get back at Diddy and he doesn't want to fall for it and be mixed back in the drama with Diddy.

When Diddy "stole" Cassie from Ryan he allegedly put Ryan through Hell! Basically blackballed him in the industry and tried to destroy him.

Rapper Diddy
Her parents love Ryan. Her parents fear Diddy, they have allegedly seen his "crazy" side and see the fear that Cassie has of him.

When Cassie wanted to get away and went back to Connecticut, Diddy sent so many gifts to her parents house.

He would be sweet one minute apologizing then he would flip out and call Cassie and her parents house cussing her out.

Diddy allegedly never let her have access to his own personal accounts.

He's very smart and calculating. He would personally pay her rent and other bills and only gave her "wealth" in shoes and handbags.