Father Of Chris Tucker "Norris Tucker" Has Past Away

Father Of Chris Tucker "Norris Tucker" Has Past Away
Norris Tucker (Father Of Chris Tucker) Has Past Away 
BHR Hollywood Reports........Norris Tucker Sr., the father of Chris Tucker, died on Jan. 14 at his home in Lithonia, Georgia.

Dexter Tucker (brother to Chris) shared on his Facebook page that their father died in his sleep in his Georgia home.

Norris tucker( Left)  Destin  Tucker( Middle)
And Mary Louise (Right)
“He was more than my father, he was my best friend! He was a father to all my friends.

 He was my rock! Known all over as ‘Papa Tuck,’ he was the man! I found him in his bed peacefully
yesterday” posted Dexter.

Norris Tucker was a business owner who ran a janitorial service and also played a key role in Chris Tucker’s Comedy Cafe restaurant that existed in Atlanta during the late ‘90s.

Funeral arrangements for Norris Tucker will be announced by Tri-Cities Funeral Home in Lithonia, Georgia.

The BHR Family Wishes Chris And Dexter Our Prayers And Condolences