Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" Is Coming Together With HBO To Star In A New Documentary “Rock And A Hard Place"

Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" Is Coming Together With HBO To Star In A New Documentary “Rock And A Hard Place"
The Rock Is To Produce New Documentary ?
BHR Hollywood Reports........As part of his partnership with HBO, Dwayne Johnson is bringing a new documentary to the small screen.

Following the success of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s HBO show, “Ballers”, which is currently filming season two, the star is working on another passion project.

Rock and a Hard Place will explore the prison boot camps of Miami-Dade county and chronicle the experiences of the incarcerated youths who are granted a second chance.
Rock And A Hard Place 

Johnson will appear in the documentary and serve as a producer.

The harrowing film chronicles a harsh, uncompromising six-month program in which drill sergeants push inmates to their limit, encouraging them to learn from their past mistakes and become constructive members of society who are substantially less likely to return to prison.”

Johnson will make an appearance in the documentary where he’ll share with the teens how he turned his life around after being a juvenile delinquent.

Dwayne Johnson 
The former wrestler, famously known as "The Rock," has never been shy about his troubled past and hopes the documentary will inspire young offenders who face long prison sentences to change their ways.

"By the time I was 16, I had been arrested eight or nine times for a variety of things, and [I] can relate to what these kids are going through," he said in statement.

Growing up in Hawaii, Johnson was apart of a theft ring which would target tourist’s expensive clothes and jewelry.

In an interview with Fitness Magazine, he shares that this stint of crime began around the age of 14 after he saw his mother get evicted and he didn’t want to put pressure on her for the things he wanted.

The Rock 
The 43-year-old star also battled depression during his teen years after not being drafted to the NFL. Working out and strength training became the former wrestler’s saving grace.

“I still found time to go to the Boys Club every afternoon to hit the speed bag, hit the heavy bag, hit the iron. I was building my body because again, it’s that eviction mentality,” he said.

“I’m a long way from being evicted, but I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget the feeling. I’ll never forget my mom crying and I’ll never forget the thought I had, ‘Well the only thing I can do is just go build my body,’ because the men who were successful that I knew of–Stallone, Arnold, Bruce Willis–they were men of action.”

“Rock and a Hard Place” premieres exclusively on HBO in May.