Climax Singer Usher Reveals New Album "Flawed" That Will Be Coming Out Soon !

Climax Singer Usher Reveals New Album "Flawed" That Will Be Coming Out Soon !
Usher Reveals New Album Name 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......The 'Climax' hitmaker has revealed the title for his follow-up to 2012's 'Looking 4 Myself' in a new video where he reveals the name to Daniel Arsham, who is working on the record with the R&B superstar.

In the video with ,Usher made the big announcement. “What are we working on?” asks Arsham before Usher responds, “Amazing, incredible, awesome…”

“For what?” replies Arsham, while Usher reveals, “For Flawed, my new album. It’s coming.”
The 37-year-old singer's last update came in September when he revealed he'd been working with Martin Garrix and teased that he's done a lot of collaborative work with various people.

He previously said: ''New record is coming great. I've been working on some new music obviously.

 I've been doing some collaborations. I just brought out Martin Garrix, one of the collaborations that I've had. The album will hopefully be out very soon.''

And Usher also said that travelling has been a major influence on the record.

He added: ''Please know that every time I travel to a different place, I'm influence by what I am dealing with or what I am looking at, so a song will probably come from this experience.''

Usher previously dropped hints at the album’s impending release. On New Year’s Eve, he debuted two new songs, “Hard to Love” and “Cards,” during a private concert for Samsung Pay in Hollywood.
Usher Performing 

Flawed marks Usher’s eighth album, his first since 2012’s Looking 4 Myself. He acknowledged the delay while on stage.

“I feel responsible. I look at all of my social media and my fans been a little mad at me because I pushed my album back,” he told the crowd.

“But tonight, if you don’t mind, I just want to share something with you. This is just something I’ve been working on, I figured I’ll just play it for you.”