Singer "Chris Brown" Fires Back At Assault Accuser

Is He Telling The Truth?
BHR Hollywood Reports.............Singer Chris Brown isn't having anyone lie about him.

The singer was accused of assaulting a woman during a new year's party at his hotel sweet.

Chris Brown Live
The incident occurred after Brown caught the alleged victim, Liziane Gutierrez (who wanted to be identified), taking his photo on Saturday morning (Jan. 2) at the Palms Casino Resort.

She says she was able to get her cell phone into the suite and past security, but when Brown spotted her taking his pic, he went off, punched her in the right eye, and took her phone.

Gutierrez, a Brazilian model, left the party and called police a few hours later, but was not taken to the hospital.

Vegas police are investigating Brown
for battery and theft.

 A rep for the singer tells reports the woman’s claims are “undeniably untrue.”