Jermaine Jackson Has Been Caught Cheating On His Wife "Halima Rashid"

Was this the cause of her arrest ?
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Jermaine Jackson is in trouble.

Jermaine's wife caught him cheating with a younger female.

The unidentified woman is described as a 33-year-old “hot busty blonde,” who is nearly half Jackson’s age.

Jermaine And Halima

 Reports claims, the affair seemed to have gone unnoticed by Jackson’s wife until Thanksgiving.

When the mistress decided to post on her Facebook and Instagram a picture of her and Jackson kissing cheek-to-cheek.

His wife was later arrested for domestic violence after a row between the couple became violent.

 She was later released on bail.

Rashid was charged with felony corporal injury on a spouse and spent five hours behind bars before being released on $50,000 bail.

Reports claims, this might be the cause of her arrest.