Tank Apologizies For His Criticism Against Tyrese's New "R&B challenge"

Will Tyrese Accept Tanks Apology?
BHR Hollywood Reports........Tank is apologizing for his criticism of Tyrese's new "R&B challenge," in which the Black Rose artist asked fellow soul singers to make a pure R&B album without any hip hop features.

 "Here's my R&B Challenge #TAG the REAL R&B Soul Singers and see if they will 'Accept' the challenge," Tyrese wrote on Instagram.
Singer Tyrese

 "In their response they just have to write 'I accept' #BlackRoseAlbum has 1 ft Snoop...... On my song #DumbShit otherwise you already know what I came with - pure R&B Soul...."
Tank chastised Tyrese for presenting the challenge as if he were the only artist producing R&B music.

He mentioned people like Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott and more. He said Tyrese’s success is great but it was clear that he only posted the video and issued the challenge as a way to brag.

I read his comment and thought: facts.

But Tank, being that he has an actual relationship with Tyrese–a close one–, felt like he should have handled the situation better.

He issued this apology to both Tyrese and the entire R&B community.