San Francisco Police Shoots Down Unarmed Black Man As He Was A Gun Range Target

San Francisco police Shoots Down Unarmed Black Man as he was a Gun Range Target
Will Justice Ever Be Served For The Black Community ?
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Shocking footage showed San Francisco cops surrounding a black man before opening fire and killing him.

Mario Woods 
The 15-second clip uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday showed police unloading rounds into Mario Woods, 26, as at least eight officers circled the man.

The San Francisco Examiner reports officers initially tried to subdue him with beanbags and other non-lethal weapons.

In the video, the man is seen stumbling against a wall. About 10 seconds in, the man takes a few steps away from the wall, the video focus shifts and several gunshots can be heard.

A woman in the video is heard saying, "drop it," presumably to the man, before police fire rounds of shots.
(Photo: Justin Sullivan)

A police spokeswoman said the video "doesn't show the whole story" and the department planned to release a statement later.

Cedric Smith, a resident who knew Woods, was shocked police responded with such deadly force, he told Reports.

“They had six officers against this one little guy. They could have used batons,” he said. “They didn’t need to shoot him. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

 Jeff Adachi
San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi, after seeing the clip, had the same sentiment.

“It does not look like the officer who fired the fatal shots was in immediate danger of being killed,” he told local reporters.

Woods’ mother was seen crying at the spot where her son died, weeping at the blood stain police had left behind.

By the next day, that spot had been filled by a memorial with flowers, candles and Black Lives Matter signs.

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