Rapper MC Hammer Has Been Ordered To Pay The IRS $800K

Rapper MC Hammer Has Been Ordered To Pay The IRS $800K
"Hammer Say The devil is working overtime" With Fear & Negative energy
BHR Hollywood Reports...........MC Hammer Has been ordered to pay 800K in back taxes to the IRS.
MC Hammer 
An appeals court decided earlier this month that a recent government lawsuit against Hammer was legitimate and free of misconduct while also clearing the IRS of any wrongdoing in the rapper's bankruptcy filing.

MC Hammer's total outstanding IRS debt of $798,033.48 stems from not paying taxes on his income in 1996 and 1997.
MC Hammer With His Awards 

But if you ask him what's up, its just the "devil" at work.

"That devil is working overtime to fill your holidays with negative images, negative narratives,Fear & Negative energy. Get behind us satan, " he tweeted.

And when one of his followers suggested he do a residency in Las Vegas to get "mad bread", he responded: "Let the lawyers do their thing. It'll be settled. No crying in the big leagues. Play Ball."