R&B Singer Jill Scott Helps Emotional Fan During Encounter At Walgreen's

R&B Singer Jill Scott Helps Emotional Fan During Encounter At Walgreen's
JR&B Singer Jill Scott Talks To Emotional Fan 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Dani Ruelas Jones-Nash was entering her job at Walgreens this week when she bumped into none other than Jill Scott, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

She had been having a bad day on account of her battle with depression, and contemplated staying home to wallow in her sorrows.

Jill And Denise 
 Instead she decided to lick her wounds, put on her poker face and conquer the day.

But then she saw Scott.

"As i'm walking up the stairs, I see a familiar face…she says “hello” and smiles (I was staring at her like I saw a ghost, and I did not have on my winged eyeliner or any lipstick so I was pretty scary )…

 I was still crying and started telling her about my horrible day… and pouring it out like a faucet (I kept telling her I promise I won’t make a scene) and she was more patient than my therapist, and ain’t nobody as patient as Denise Jones.

Jill Scott 
She listened. I told her that my cousin loves her and I just did her nails because she is going to see her tonight and I don’t wanna take a picture with her cause of the obvious but I want to call my cousin (she didn’t answer)and take a pic for her.

She said “no, you are gonna take it with me, as a matter of fact give me your phone, we gonna take a video”: Miss #JillScott"

Then Miss Jilly from Philly did something special. She grabbed Jones-Nash's phone and recorded a video of the two's emotional encounter. Tears and all.

"Today is just one of those days...they stink. A tough day...but there is another one. Take a deep breath, go home, cry real good and then get up," Scott says.

"Everything works out for the good whether you know it or not."

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