R.Kelly Walks Off Set During A Live Interview With HuffPost Live

What Will Happen Next?
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Singer R.Kelly is not allowing anyone to ask him ask him about his past.

Recently in a interview with HuffPost Live R.Kelly Was questioned about his past sexual accusations.

Kelly was caught off guard and was not very happy with that question.

R.Kelly Live
R.Kelly stated, not everyone feels that why towards him,and he's actually more successful now then he 's ever been.

I dont know where your getting your information from", he told her.

I'm very successful and a talented man.

I love those who even come against me.
R.Kelly In His Interview With HuffPost

When asked how he would respond to fans who are hesitant to support the album due to his controversial history, Kelly's message was simple: "F**k that."

"You can't satisfy everybody," he continued.

"I will continue to do my job until I get fired, and the only people who can fire me are my fans."