Singer "Chris Brown" Turns Down Keyshia Cole's Collaboration

What Will Chris Brown Have To Say?
BHR Hollywood Reports........Is Chris Brown not a fan of Keyshia Cole,She revealed to her Twitter followers that he doesn’t want to work with her, despite her endless asking.

Chris has apparently turned Keyshia, 34, down for the last time, though, because she is tired of wasting her time asking him!
Chris Brown

After leaving Interscope Records to go independent, Cole said earlier this week that she’s done with that route.

“Clearly that is not Gods way,” she wrote on Instagram.
Keyshia Cole Live

“I say that to say this, I'm ready for this new chapter!!!

New chapter with people who want to see me win, which means my family wins, which means my son wins.

And the best part of it all is, my fans win!!!!!

The way the pieces are all coming together, especially at the end of such a tuff year for me!!!I feel like my dreams are coming true, all over again.”

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