Rapper "Future" Has Been Hit With A $150,000 Lawsuit

Rapper "Future" Has Been Hit With A $150,000 Lawsuit
BHR Hollywood Reports........Future is being sued by a promoter who claims he lost more than $150k when the rapper pulled out of a concert, but sources close to Future claim he walked because the deal was shady.

That scenario has been happening in the music world since the onset of touring.

 But the latest incident to make the news has a bit of a twist to it.

Rapper Future Live
Future is being sued by a Louisiana promoter for allegedly collecting a $15,000 deposit then skipping out on the show, but Future’s camp says the rapper was there.

According to reports, promoter Robert Caillier has filed suit against the Dirty Sprite 2 rapper with claims that his no-show cost the promoter approximately $150,000 in anticipated profits.


Reps for Future claim that rapper did, in fact, take the stage as agreed upon, but was pulled from the stage by his management upon learning that Caillier did not have the full agreed upon performance fee.

However, Future’s camp has a different side of the story.

Sources say Future did show up to the show, performed a song, but was then pulled off stage immediately after management realized the promoter (Caillier) didn’t have the correct payment.

The lawsuit didn’t say how much Future was supposed to get that night in total, but as we just reported the other day, he reportedly gets $150K for a 45-minute set.