Former Destiny's Child Member Kelly Rowland Is To Create A New T.V. Series Coming To B.E.T

Will This New Series Be A Winner ?
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Kelly Rowland  is teaming up with choreographer Frank Gatson  Jr. for a new show dedicated to creating and developing a dynamic new girl group.

Kelly Rowland 
She completed a three-city quest in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles with veteran choreographer Frank Gatson — who serves as Beyoncé and Rowland's creative director — auditioning talent in hopes of finding the next superstar girl group.

"I don't care where they are, where they live, where they're from, their background — I just want to make sure that I have girls in the group who are not afraid to work, who are excited about a great opportunity, who have goals and think, and breathe, and sleep music," Rowland said in an interview last week.

“We have to be very tedious and look up under rocks and our work is cut out for us when it comes to grooming these girls; that’s actually the part that we’re excited about,” Rowland said.
Kelly Rowland 
Rowland, who experienced tremendous success with her former group, Destiny’s Child, understands the dedication the girls need to have in order to make it in the industry.

“This is about hard work. And I think that those values need to be seen as well for another generation coming up.

They’ve seen that happen over and over again with these shows that have great talent. Kelly Clarkson is amazing, Carrie Underwood is amazing.

Destiny's Child 
Different artists [have] gone on to do great things since these shows and I think that it’s really important to showcase that it takes some time,” she said.

The Grammy winner said she wants to create a girl group for this generation of music fans.

The pop charts currently include Fifth Harmony, who had a major hit this year with "Worth It," and British group Little Mix, who won "The X Factor" in 2011 and released their third album last month.

But Rowland believes there's room for more.

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