Actor Ice T's Wife Coco Austin Fires Back At People Who Criticized Her About Parenting Skills

Will She Have Anymore Comments After This?
BHR Hollywood Reports.............Weeks after welcoming her newborn daughter, Chanel.
First-time mom Coco Austin fired back at people criticizing her parenting skills in a series of tweets on Monday, December 14.
Coco Austin  Daughter "Chanel"

On Sunday, the Ice Loves Coco star posted a photo of herself with her baby girl, dolled up in green and red to mark the Christmas season.

"Chanel and I decided we were in the holiday spirit and decided to dress for it today."

Coco, 36, tweeted to her 1 million–plus followers.

Ice-T’s wife has lost all patience for the social media haters and is clapping back on Twitter.

The new mother has been receiving a barrage of negative comments since giving birth to baby Chanel just two weeks ago.

Apparently, there are folks out there who believe CoCo doesn’t do anything all day long.