Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Asked Chicago Police Superintendent "Garry McCarthy" To Resign

Will The Mayor Be Next?
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he has asked for the resignation of Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.
The announcement at a news conference came amid angry protests in Chicago over the way the city responded when a white police officer shot a black teenager 16 times in October 2014.

Garry McCarthy

 Dashboard camera footage of Laquan McDonald's killing was released last week after a judge ordered it be made public.

Chicago threat suspect allegedly sought to avenge Laquan McDonald's death
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The main point of contention, besides the cold-blooded killing of a teenage boy, is why it took so long for the video to be released.

 Many are concerned about how this settlement was reached without the video being seen and how his mother was able to receive the settlement because McDonald was a ward of the state at the time of his death.

Many of these questions go unanswered at this point in time, however it looks like this will change in the coming days.

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