Bernie Sanders Claims Sandra Bland Would Still Be Alive If She Was White

Is Bernie Sanders Right?
BHR Hollywood Reports.............Senator Bernie Sanders states if Sandra Bland was a white middle class woman she would still be alive now.

Sandra Bland
Sandra Bland was found dead in a Texas jail this year.

Bernie Sanders released a statement that "There's no doubt in my mind that she/like to many African Americans who died in police custody.

Would be alive today if she were a white woman.

Bernie Sanders
On Sunday, both Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders commented on the death of Sandra Bland.

 While Ben was hesitant to say that the woman’s death had anything to do with her skin color, the left-wing candidate explicitly stated it had a hand in her demise.

In a interview on CBS’ Face the Nation, Carson was asked about recent comments made by Bernie about Sandra’s death.

The democratic socialist candidate, appearing on the same program, remarked that if Bland was a “white, middle class woman” her death would not have occurred.