Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss And Phaedra Parks Friendship Maybe Coming To A End !!!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss And Phaedra Parks Friendship Maybe Coming To A End !!!
Will This Season Of RHOA Ever Be The Same ?
BHR Hollywood Reports........This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta will serve up some serious tears from at least two of the ladies.

As they attempt to make amends after several months of feuding, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks end up exposing even more issues in their friendship in a teaser video from Nov. 15 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kandi And Todd 
The fact that Todd Tucker has remained close with Phaedra’s incarcerated ex seemed to bother the attorney and last year she was
crushed when she felt Kandi didn’t have her back.

Now the pair are ready to hash out their issues and neither of them expected to hear the other’s gripes so clearly.

A very pregnant Kandi explains that she was hurt when she heard Phaedra doubting her loyalty and suggested Phaedra isn’t as good of a friend as she thinks she is.

Apollo And Phaedra 
Kandi and Phaedra had a heart to heart talk where Kandi admitted she felt upset when Phaedra told Kim Fields that she was expecting Kandi to reach out to her when she needed her.

But to her defense, Kandi feels like Phaedra is the one who does not exert much effort to keep their friendship going.

She said, "The last few years, I feel like any time we've gotten together, it's because I call you. I invite you to my house, everything.

 All the stuff that we've done is because I've invited you. You don't reach out to me like that."

“I didn’t like what was said,” she admits. “Around other people you put on a different face. That pissed me off. Anytime we got together it’s because I called you.”
Andy Cohen 

Last episode, their friendship issue has been brought up already when Kandi said she does not feel the closeness she had with Phaedra before.

Additionally, in a guest appearance in "Watch What Happens: Live" with Andy Cohen, a caller asked Kandi if Todd and Apollo's closeness affects her friendship with Phaedra.

Kandi does not think so but she presumes Phaedra believes she is taking sides with Apollo, which is not true.

Phaedra reveals her breaking point came when a stranger informed her that Kandi was storing some of Apollo’s belongings at her home.

Neither one of these ladies seems too remorseful about her actions and it doesn’t seem like they’re on the road to recovery.

Parks then challenges Burruss’ claims, making for quite the heated showdown between the former besties!