Actor Columbus Short And Karrine Steffans Are Now Dating

Actor Columbus Short And Karrine Steffans Are In A Relationship
Will Columbus Short And Karrine Steffans Have A Long Relationship?
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Karrine Steffans' Instagram comments and it might be safe to assume she's sparked up a new romance with actor Columbus Short.

 On Monday, the author and former video vixen posted a message on Instagram about falling in love, although the accompanying image didn't exactly reveal her new man. She wrote:

Karrine Steffans

 "Sometimes, you meet someone and you know you've loved them for a thousand years.

 You love them quietly and away from the world. You hold on tightly as they slip away, pulling them back to you before they fall.
You struggle to carry a love so big, learning it is not to be handled by your hands, but by your heart. And it bursts, your heart, and just when you think you're going to die, you realize your heart has not shattered but rather multiplied.
Columbus Short

 It has not broken into a million little pieces but has become a million points of love and light, beaming, becoming to a soul created just for yours.

And though you are a siren, melodically, beautifully pulling others toward your light only to bash them upon the rocks that protect your heart...this soul you will carry over those jagged guards.

You will protect him from everyone, even yourself, and you will love him for a thousand more years, and thousands more, because this is not a choice.
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