Tyra Banks Has Decided To End Hit T.V. Series "America's Top Model "

 Tyra Banks Has Decided To End Hit T.V. Series "America's Top Model "
BHR Hollywood Reports........It’s the end of the runway for “America’s Next Top Model.”Tyra Banks Announces The End ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Officially!

 After 14 seasons and 22 cycles, America’s Next Top Model is coming to an end.

Host and judge Tyra Banks took tweeted the news Wednesday afternoon with a reference to the show’s famous “Tyra Mail,” which would alert co-habitating contestants of upcoming events and challenges.
Tyra Also Stated"“I truly believe it’s time… we were the first reality show based in the fashion world… and I never thought we’d do 22 cycles.

 I set out to create a show where perfect is boring.” The show will end following the completion of the current season. And with that, TV just got a lot less fierce."

Like any reality show worth its salt, “America’s Next Top Model” was known for a consistent dose of drama and Vine-worthy moments like the time Tyra Banks dressed down a contestant she perceived as ungrateful.

Let’s say it together: “I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you!”