Jay And Bey May Have Reach The End Of The Road More Infidelity Surface

Could This Be The End Of The Road More Infidelity Surface
BHR HollyWood Reports..........More & more rumors of Infidelity are surfacing in the Super couple Jay & Bey marriage life...Their are concerns of nasty fights and cheating affairs,yet fights have gotten so bad, they can't stand to be around each other....
They both Looks like they have been crying before this photo

At this point, if these rumors are to be true, the couple seems to have endured all they can, and it isn’t worth it to Beyonce to stay in the marriage anymore. “It’s a lonely life for Beyonce,”according to source.

 “She can have all the money in the world, but that can’t make Jay love her any more… At this point, all thats left is a business relationship. They will have no choice but to announce that their marriage is over. They can only hide the truth for so long.”
Concerns of nasty fights and cheating affairs