CNN Shows Photo Of San Antonio Spurs Player LaMarcus Aldridge While Speaking Of Lamar Odom's Health

 CNN Shows Photo Of San Antonio Spurs Player LaMarcus
 Aldridge While Speaking Of Lamar Odom's Health  
BHR Hollywood Reports........CNN had an live TV mistake social media won't forget any time soon. While talking about the former NBA champ's ongoing condition after a weekend at a Nevada brothel left him unconscious, the network put up a graphic of San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge.

What made it really interesting was the fact it didn’t appear that anyone on the show noticed the wrong photo was in the background featuring Aldridge while the CNN analysts discussed Odom’s living will. Surprisingly, this time reporters from around the world sounded off on social media.

Typically it’s  #blacktwitter that notices everything and blasts social offenders. But, this time it was national reporters who began posting their disdain for what was taking place.

As a legal analyst discusses a living will a TV screen behind the trio of commentators shows photos of the former basketball player's career.

Amid the many photos playing in a slideshow of Lamar Odom's career, one photo slipped in that caused viewers to pause. See how it went down.
Lamar Odom 

Several sporting news outlets took the opportunity to point out they are the go to for sporting news.
To make it painfully obvious CNN had the wrong guy, they picked an outdated picture of Aldridge when he played for the Portland Trailblazers.

 Aldridge now plays for the San Antonio Spurs.

No idea how this mix up could have happened, but here's one person's best guess. On Twitter, @NAVillann said, "CNN intern searches Lamar Odom* *CNN editor OKs the picture* *CNN audience realizes it's Lamarcus Aldridge*

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