Brandy Norwood Announces New T.V. Series Coming To BET "Zoe Ever After"

Brandy Norwood Announces New T.V Series
Coming To BET "Zoe Ever After"
BHR Hollywood Reports............Brandy Norwood will return to BET in January to star in the new comedy sitcom, "Zoe Ever After."

The series follows Zoe Moon, a recent divorce who is now a single mom building a career as a cosmetics mogul and looking for love.

Brandy NorWood
Dorian Missick will play Zoe's ex-husband, a famous boxer who continues to meddle in Zoe's personal life long after the split.

Actors Tory Devon Smith, Haneefah Wood, Ignacio Serricchio, and Jaylon Gordon will complete the cast.

Dorian Missick
During Norwood’s TV hiatus, she landed a part as Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical, "Chicago," a role she admitted to being intimidated by because of the lofty monologues.

"I've had my own television show. I've been on other people's shows. I've done some movies," she told reports.

 "I'm not trying to make myself bigger than I am, but I've been in a few things. And I've never, ever said that many words at one time."

Norwood starred on the cable network's football comedy, "The Game" as the sassy Chardonnay Pitts, before it was cancelled after nine seasons.

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