Basket Ball Wives Star Draya Michelle Claims "I'm Never Returning To The Show(Basketball Wives LA)"

Basket Ball Wives Star Draya Michelle Claims "I'm Never
Returning To The Show(Basketball Wives LA)"
BHR Hollywood Reports......When Draya Michele walked off the set of the VH1 hit show “Basketball Wives,” she chucked the “deuces” to signify with certainty that she will never return to the show.

In an interview with reports, star Draya Michele revealed she has no intentions to return to the show, which ultimately made her a household name.

Draya Michele
“I’ll never go on Basketball Wives again, but I’ll never say never about reality TV,” she said.

“Depending on what the future brings, there might be a place for reality TV for me. If it has something to do with maybe one of my jobs or something, or you know, I don’t know. Who knows? But never say never – I’ll just say never to Basketball Wives.”

For many, this latest comment sounds like a swan song we’ve heard from the swimwear designer before.

However, according to Draya, she really means it this time.“You know, I just stopped being happy when I was going to work,” she explained.

“I just stopped liking being in front of the cameras and sitting down and eating lunch with people that I didn’t really like, or people that didn’t really like me, or people that I knew I would be fighting and
arguing with the very next week. I just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Basketball Wives 
While fans will no longer see Draya on the TV Series, it doesn’t mean the Miami gal will totally leave our TV screens.

On a different note, Michele assures that the rocky relationship with Dallas Cowboys defensive back Orlando Scandrick has calmed:

Orlando Scandrick And Draya
We’re in a really good place right now, and we never really set a [wedding] date, and we’re just taking our time being engaged, having fun while we’re engaged.

You know, I’m just focusing on my company Mint Swim, and then acting is something that I found that I love and I just want to work more on.

So I’m going on auditions and I’m just working on my craft – taking acting classes, learning how to do different techniques.

 I going to be doing gun handling training soon – that starts next month – so in case I want to play a police officer or someone in the armed forces, I’ll be able to look the part and I’ll be able to handle a gun like a professional.