Waka Flocka Claims "The Devil Is Playing Tricks On Catilyn Jenner (Trans-people) "

Waka Flocka Claims "The Devil Is Playing Tricks On
Catilyn Jenner (Trans-people) " 
BHR Hollywood Reports..............Waka Flocka Flame does not seem to be a fan of Caitlyn Jenner nor what she represents.

During a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club,” the 28-year old rapper did not hold back when asked his thoughts on Bruce Jenner’s very public and much lauded transition to Caitlyn Jenner:

“I ain’t got nothing against nobody’s preferences, but putting it on TV, that’s crazy. Kids is the only people watching TV.
Waka Flocka 

You know adults is too busy, man. They’re trying to control life. So you can’t stop your kids from watching certain channels.

Caitlyn Jenner
They’re gonna watch it. I ain’t saying nothing against Bruce Jenner. You are who you are when God made you, not who you became after he did.

That’s how I just feel. You rebuking God, man. God ain’t put them feelings in you, man. That’s the Devil playing tricks on your mind.

That’s a test from God. If you can’t outbeat that one task and you believe that, then you can believe everything else and you going down that way.”

In two Tweets Friday night, Flame appeared to defend his statements, made on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club.

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