Rapper Nicki Minaj Will Be Producing A New Comedy Series Coming To ABC Family

Rapper Nicki  Minaj Will Be  Produce A New Comedy
Series Coming To ABC Family 
BHR Hollywood Reports........Nicki Minaj is expanding her empire to television.

Nicki Minaj is set to executive produce and appear in a scripted comedy series for ABC Family based on the rap star’s life growing up in Queens, New York.

 The project, from Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, will film a pilot episode in Minaj’s hometown this winter, with the intention to continue to series.

Nicki Minaj 
“The half-hour comedy is based on Minaj and her family’s immigration from Trinidad in the early 1990s,” ABC Family said in a statement. “It will focus on her growing up in Queens with her vibrant family and the personal and musical evolution that led to her eventual rise to stardom.”

The show, no doubt, represents another front in Minaj’s efforts as “a business, woman,” sitting alongside holdings in perfume and
Nicki Minaj 
alcohol that keep her on the Forbes annual list of wealthiest rappers.

It’s also a fairly on-brand move for ABC Family, whose other programming—including the warmly reviewed lesbian family drama The Fosters (executive produced by another American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez) and the wildly popular mystery series Pretty Little Liars—appeals to young people, especially women.

Now, after the announcement of the ABC Family show, the hashtag
Onika Maraj
#YoungNicki is trending, with social-media users suggesting various actors who could star as the young immigrant Onika Maraj.

 It’s an example of the power that a show like this can have, asking girls to envision themselves growing up to be someone with both Minaj’s business success, cultural power, and uncompromising vision (fans have long known she’s been after this:

She raps on “I’m the Best” that she’s “fighting for the girls who never thought they could win”).

In the process, she can also remind the public that superhuman performers are, by definition, still human.

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