Producer Memphitz Claims Former LAHHA Star K. Michele Was Lying About Having A Baby With Him

Producer Memphitz Claims Former LAHHA Star
K. Michele Was Lying About Having A Baby With Him 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Producer Memphitz slams singer and former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star, K. Michele lying about a pregnancy by him and confirms his separation from his wife, Toya Wright.

Currently engulfed in a defamation lawsuit against the "Can't Raise A Man" songstress, Memphitz, real name Mickey Wright Jr., is now accusing her of trying to fake a pregnancy on him.

During an interview with VladTV, the former Jive Records executive made the shocking claim after revealing he has a reversible vasectomy.

Toya Wright And Memphitz
When asked if a woman ever tried to fake a pregnancy, he surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) he replied, "K. Michelle! Yes! And I had to bust her f**king a** out and be like, 'Let me tell you something...I cant have kids,' and then silence."

During the interview he revealed that he had gone through a reversible vasectomy procedure because he was living a wild life and had a few scares, "I'm just glad I had a reversible vasectomy," Memphitz said.

"I was more terrified of f***ing around and look[ing] up one day and I got seven kids by seven moms," Memphitz expresses. "I wanna plan my next kid."

He revealed that some women including K. Michele tried to pull the "I'm pregnant" card when they were intimate, "Yea, and I had to bust her f*ckin' a** out and be like, 'ugh, let me tell you something.'" He said, "I can't have kids."

He said she reacted without a word, "Silence! Liars go into silence when you expose that a**.

Look, I don't have to explain this to y'all people. There's so many things going on out there. I'm the truth, but I get a bad rap. Motherf*cka's lie all day long, y'all love them."

When asked about his ongoing legal battle with the singer over his defamation suit, he said that he just wants the truth out since his life has been destroyed over the false accusations, "It went on for years.

People turned their back on me. People I can't get on the phone anymore that I made millions and hundreds of millions of dollars. People's lives I've changed."

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