Former Bad Boy Member Ma$e Has Been Hit By The IRS Owing More that $12,000 Dollars !!!

 Ma$e Has Been Hit By The IRS Owing More that $12,000 Dollars !!!
BHR Hollywood Reports..........The former Bad Boy/shiny suit wearer has just been hit with a federal tax lien amounting to $12,036.51 from the year 2010 where he apparently forget about Uncle Sam.

 State Georgia officials are threatening to seize his property if the debt isn’t recouped.

Bad Boys (Ma$e Left, Diddy Right)

It looks to be a serious situation, as the IRS is threatening to seize the rapper’s property if the debt is not settled soon.

The tax lien levied against him is the latest in a string of financial strains placed upon the “Feels So Good” rapper in the last couple of years.

Last December, a judge ordered him to pay a model approximately $7,500 after he used her photograph without permission for his single “Why Can’t We?”

Ma$e also currently pays his ex-wife $6K per month in alimony as part of a agreement reached after he filed for divorce in April 2014.

Aside from the aforementioned social media embarrassment, M-A-dollar sign-E hasn’t been too hot in the press or the streets as of late. Shortly before he dropped a New York-themed record over Tupac’s “California Love” beat.
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