Rapper Da Brat Shades Nicki Minaj Over Lil Kim

Rapper Da Brat Shades Nicki Minaj Over Lil Kim
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Earlier this week rapper Da Brat performed along side Lil Kim, Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, State Property and Young Guns at the Return of the Legends Tour in Detroit.

Apparently Brat served a little shade to rapper Nicki Minaj during her set…

Lil Kim
Reports tell us just before Da Brat went into a medley of old school female rapper hits she called Lil Kim a legend.

In the game and the

Nicki Minaj
old the crowd she don't see how a person could steal someone else's entire style and then disrespect the person they stole it from.

She then went on to call Lil Kim a legend, and continued with a medley of hits by old school female rappers.

While Brat managed to say what she said without throwing out a name, the target of her on stage jab was pretty clear.

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