K Michelle Blast Ex Actor "Idris Elba" In Her New Song

K Michelle Blast Ex  Actor "Idris Elba" In Her New Song
BHR Hollywood Reports.......It looks like K. Michelle is still stuck on her failed situationship with Idris Elba.

Even though there’s a new Brit in her life, the songstress is still making songs about her former flame.

K Michelle And Idris Elba
While previewing her favorite track on her new album for Instagram.

K. Michelle revealed that she was still singing about “Him,” trashed his new song (Idris just released “Confidential” a few days ago) and even threw an “Eff You” to Idris and the baby mother she played side-chick to for 8 months…

For those that don’t remember, K. Michelle and Elba were an item, but kept their relationship under wraps until after they split.

Idris Elba
 K. Michelle claimed that she left because she didn’t want to get in between Elba and his newborn baby, as well as the mother of his child.

She also claimed that they were still on good terms.

However, things seem to have changed between the two because in a recent Instagram post, K. Michelle featured a video of herself in the studio working on her third studio album.

And in the caption of the now-deleted post, K. Michelle revealed that she’s been writing about Elba and she proceeds to blast him and the mother of his child in the post.

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